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Biography, where women learn from each other. The best way to break the gender stall is to watch these women and see how fantastic they are! This website holds over 7000 women in its search engine, and offers information on women in management, women on boards of directors, and women raising capital for their new ventures. NewsonWomen is the Winner of the 2009 Women in Business Stevie Award for “Blog of the Year”. ThinkTalk Networks CareerTV reviewed the News on Women website and called it "unmatched" and superb "when it comes to updating the world on what women professionals are doing". It has also been described as "dedicated to helping women earn bigger jobs".
The news (reported for information only, not independently verified, and not always representing the opinion of NewsonWomen) includes promotions, board appointments, career and networking news, and editorial opinions. is run by Alice Krause, former Deputy Credit Executive of the Retail Businesses at Chase, including small business and consumer loans, mortgage loans, and the credit card business. Alice has extensive experience in management information systems, loan review, credit risk, human resource training and development, and recruiting. An expert analyst, Alice noticed that something was missing in the news - issues were being covered, but women definitely needed more coverage and more emphasis had to be given to solutions rather than to "studies", and that led her to this venture. News on Women has featured more than 7,000 women and their achievements in the past eight years, and now gives you a chance to get to know them better by watching videos that feature them! is all about what women are doing! It is the largest search engine of women achievers available on the internet. You can search for job candidates, or learn about the career paths of famous women. Make sure you're in the database as well! Let us know what you're doing and what's important to you!

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