The Hottest Ways to Spice Up Your Solo Sex

Masturbation can be the starting point for understanding your own body and sexual preferences. It is a great way to discover the body parts you like to touch, the movements and pressures you enjoy, and the positions you find most pleasurable. However, if you are an experienced masturbator, like at many famous cam sites, as many of us are, you can get into a routine. However, it is never too late to revitalize your solo sex life and discover new ways to use your free time to experiment with new fantasies, touches, climaxes, or whims. Here are some ideas to spice up your alone time.

Try New Breathing Techniques

breathingIt can be intimidating to try something new if you have been stuck in a typical pattern for a while. That’s why it can be a good idea to start with the basics, such as learning different breathing techniques. Many people tight their muscles, stay still, and hold their breath while trying to achieve orgasm when having solo sex, writes a sexologist in an article titled Pleasure and Health published by the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology. He states that breathing and tight muscles reduce blood flow, reducing pleasure. He suggests switching to abdominal breathing, rocking the pelvis, and rhythmically tensing the muscles (alternating tension and release).

Let Your Imagination Run Wild Instead of Watching Porn

If you always use the same site, the same category, and the exact porn search when masturbating, it can be easy to get into automatic mode. Instead, try imagining different situations in which you are attracted to someone. This can help you become aware of the things that really get your blood pumping and the physical effects these ideas have on you. It is a helpful way to practice mindfulness when you are alone and to pay attention to the sensations in your body and the direction of your thoughts when you are about to orgasm. Porn can be even better if you use your imagination for a while.

Heat Up Your Orgasm by Edging

edgingTry edging, the practice of delaying orgasm as long as possible to warm up the time spent alone. Reach the edge and stop there. Repeat after a short interval of time. Try to reach orgasm as many times as possible without exploding. For many people, the longer you wait to reach orgasm, the bigger the explosion. Slow sex is an alternative to this concept for those who possess a vulva. One sex educator advises those with a vulva to stimulate only the upper left quadrant of the clitoris for one hour. If you want to try edging with a partner, it is also a good idea to practice alone during sex.

There is nothing wrong with having a reliable sex drive. But you can also try new things to see what your body can tolerate. When you masturbate, you can focus entirely on yourself without thinking about what others need or want. And therefore, you can experiment in a relaxed environment. Solo sex can be even more fun with an occasional variety. It can also be an excellent opportunity to learn more about your body and try new sexual techniques. So try new things, get a new toy, and expand your options when it comes to solo sex. You never know what you can learn about yourself along the way.