Three Steps to Performing Like a Porn Star in the Bedroom

Porn stars are often considered to be the epitome of what sex should look like. Of course, not everyone has the time or the inclination to become a porn star themselves, but many people want to learn how they can perform better in bed.

Luckily for you, this post is full of helpful information to show you just how easy it is! We’ll discuss three steps on performing like a porn star in the bedroom and give you plenty of tips to try out tonight!

Try Sex Booster Pills

medsYou’d be surprised how effective sexual performance boosters are in enabling you to have sex like a true pornstar. Many pornstars in the adult industry use this kind of pill to have a stronger erection and last longer in bed; that’s why you can see them go at it for over an hour. It would be best to give them a try to see what we mean.

Use Different Positions

Having sex using the same old boring, vanilla missionary position might not feel as exciting as the first time you had sex, and your partner understands this. You can loosen up a bit and try out new things with your partner, such as exploring different kinks and using different positions, such as:

  • Doggy style is always fun and adventurous. It might not be the most intimate position, but it can lead to some incredible orgasms.
  • Have her lay on her stomach and use her hands for more stimulation. This way, she doesn’t have to worry about balancing or supporting herself while giving oral sex. She also gets an amazing view of you, penetrating from behind.
  • Try having anal sex with your partner by sitting up on their back like how they would sit on a stool at home when cooking or eating dinner.

Sounds pretty exciting already, right? Now you can try them out and find out!

Masturbate First

melonMany pornstars experience premature ejaculations, too, since they are nervous, and it’s a completely normal thing to experience as a guy, so don’t beat yourself up and be so hard on your little guy for cumming, too quickly. There is a way to eliminate this problem, which is by ejaculating beforehand. Yes, we fight fire with fire, my friend. This is because when you have already ejaculated, you will enter a refraction period that will numb down all stimulations and make you not as excited as in the first place, so you have better control over your ejaculations.…