Top Reasons You Should Be Watching Porn

It is unfortunate that porn gets a lot of negative publicity. Various media outlets claim that porn is ruining humanity in different ways. In fact, even some divorce cases have been blamed on porn. For instance, some argue that porn affects men’s feelings towards women, results in addiction, and even affect a person is attention span and memory. However, all these claims have no scientific backing. In fact, porn is good for both men and women. Even if you are not the actors, watching it has many health benefits to offer. The following are some of them.

Increases Sexual Satisfaction

pornstarAlthough this sounds simple, watching porn can make you feel good. Studies show that people view hardcore pornography as useful to their sex lives, their perceptions, and attitudes towards the opposite sex, and toward life in general. Most people agree that young adults find pornography to have a positive effect on different aspects of their lives.

Porn Encourages Masturbation

Although there are myths and false information, studies show that masturbation is healthy. It can increase your fertility and even make you a better partner. That is because when you masturbate, you are taking care of your needs. What else can facilitate masturbation other than porn?

Safe Sex

The truth is that porn is a form of safe sex. Unlike physical sex, watching porn does not spread any diseases, does not engage with vicious judgments, and zero pregnancies. Also, using porn to satisfy your sexual needs is free-to-cheap, convenient, and safe. In fact, porn can help foster sexual intimacy and emotions. One of the ways of helping couples develop a deep sexual connection is through erotic images and videos.

Improves Your Math Skills

watching pornEven if you do not masturbate, watching porn and reading erotica can help alleviate stress. Recent studies show that men who look at erotic photos actually do better on tests than men who flipped through an informational book. The reason behind this is that looking at semi-erotic pictures reduces men’s cortisol. Also, it lowers stress and improves concentration. That also happens for women.

Normalizes Desires

Maybe you like having sex in the car. If you can have a desire, then there is a great chance that there is a porn video that exists on it. The good thing about internet pornography is that it can accommodate your desires. There are different sex videos that help eradicate sexual stigma.