The hookup culture is quickly growing, and we cannot ignore it. People who do not want to have a relationship for one reason or another are choosing casual sex as an option. The truth is that hooking up is not for everyone. Some people still prefer the old school way of having sex with someone that you love and want a relationship with.

However, if you are willing to try hooking up, it is time to give it a shot. However, you need to understand that it is very different from a relationship. Here are some rules that you need to understand about hooking up:

Do Not Be Too Clingy

hooking upYou need to know that a hook up is not a relationship. This means that you do not have a right to be clingy or entitled like you do when you are in a relationship. If you want to hook up with someone, you do not have to call or text them every day.

You only communicate when you want to meet or when necessary. Being too clingy brings emotions that are not supposed to be part of the hook up in the first place. Keeping your boundaries is the trick for this arrangement to work.

Use Protection Always

When hooking up using protection is a must. You need to take care of your health as much as you want to have fun. It is important to remember that hooking up is not an exclusive relationship.

There are chances that the person that you are hooking up with still has other hookups on the side. Using protection is an excellent way to make sure that you are always safe.

Be Nice and Respectful

The fact that you are hooking up does not give you the right to be mean. You can hook up and still maintain your manners and respect while at it.

Even when hooking up, make sure that you remain nice and respectful to the other person. Listen to their needs and make sure that you at least treat them with the dignity that they deserve.

hook up

Give Space

The difference between hooking up and being in a relationship in space. You need to give the person that you are hooking up with space.

Do not be in their space long after having space. You need to understand their needs for privacy and remember that you are not in a relationship with them.