Effective Ways of Treating Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man takes a short time to ejaculate.  In most cases, it occurs after or before intercourse or foreplay. It can become a medical problem when it happens so frequently. Men who experienced this issue feel guilty since they cannot satisfy their partners and don’t enjoy intimacy.  Others are stressed and depressed because of going through this condition.

Some of the factors that cause premature ejaculation include biological factors, psychological problems and underlying health conditions.  Psychological problems that lead to this condition include depression and stress.  These problems can affect your emotional and mental health thus aggravating this condition. Physical issues that cause premature ejaculation include spinal cord problem, prostate gland, and inflammation of the penis. One can last longer in best and manage premature ejaculation by taking the best medication.


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This condition is diagnosed based on noticeable symptoms like decreased sexual pleasure and feelings of guilt.  Most men are embarrassed to discuss this issue with their doctors but it is advisable to be open and frank when one visits a doctor. A health care provider will examine you to determine the probable causes of premature ejaculation and recommend appropriate medication.  A doctor can determine the cause of this condition by conducting a neurological test or by examining your prostate.


Any man can experience premature ejaculation in his life. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.  Seeking sexual therapy and psychotherapy are some of the effective ways of preventing this condition and maintaining a healthy positive attitude towards sex.   In addition to this, one should speak openly with her partner and address any issue affecting his sexual life.


There are different methods of treating this condition. These include prescription medications, over the counter drugs, natural remedies, supplements, and pills.


pillsEjaculation pills are used by most people to treat and manage this condition. These medications include sildenafil and tadalafil. These pills can also be combined with other treatment options like behavioral therapy to achieve the desired results.  Partners should cooperate and be frank to each other when using these medications.  A delayed orgasm is one of the side effects associated with these pills but their benefits outweigh their side effects.  In addition to this, these drugs are readily available and safe to use.


Supplements used to treat erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation are rich in zinc, magnesium, and potassium. One can use these supplements to boost his sexual performance and deal with premature ejaculation.