Tips on Dealing with Low Sperm Count

It might be difficult to conceive a child when one has a low sperm count but not entirely impossible. A doctor will analyze and evaluate the possible causes. Semen analysis and other tests can be recommended. The doctor will tell you how to deal with low sperm count and, if need be, put you into a treatment plan. Using cum pills can also help you with low sperm count. Here are some tips on dealing with low sperm count:

Reduce Alcohol Intake

low sperm countHeavy use of alcohol is linked to affecting fertility. It affects sperm health. According to the study, low sperm count was associated with people who take alcohol. It also affects the shape and sperm movement.

It was found that 12% of men who consume alcohol had a normal and healthy sperm count compared to 37% of men who do not smoke or drink. Moderate your alcohol intake to increase fertility.

Quit Smoking

Researchers found that heavy smokers had a lower sperm count. The semen quality is also affected, that is, the shape and swimming ability of the sperm.

Smoking will affect not only a male partner but also a female partner. Women exposed to second-hand smoking will risk losing the pregnancy and lower IVF success rate.

Exercise and Get Good Sleep

Getting in shape helps in reducing stress and has a lot of other health benefits. In a study, regular exercise increased sperm count and motility in 45 men.

Several studies among people with obesity who were exercising showed that it improved their sperm count and quality. Getting good sleep ensures proper rest and calms the body, hence allowing the body to function effectively.

Maintain an Ideal Weight

Ensure you have a healthy weight to increase sperm count. Being overweight or underweight affects the hormonal balance leading to lower sperm production. Your doctor can help check the (BMI) body mass index and work to achieve the perfect weight.

Avoid Certain Medications

If you think your current medication is reducing sperm count, then consult your doctor. Some prescriptions can temporarily alter the sperm production, and upon completion, the sperm count will go back to normal.

The medication includes; some antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, methadone, antipsychotics, and others. It is believed that the use of anabolic steroids can affect sperm count up to one year even after taking them.

sperm count test

Take Healthy Fat

Intake of healthy fat such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 is recommended for increased sperm production. Any polyunsaturated fats are also important. A study found that males who take in fatty acids like Omega-3 had an improvement in their sperm count compared to those who did not.

Avoid Environmental Contaminants

Environmental factors such as pollution and toxic chemicals are linked to low sperm production. Occupational contaminants were also linked to reduced sperm count.

The research was done on farmers, welders, and painters showed that they had a higher chance of infertility and lower sperm count than men in different work categories. Exposure to chemicals could possibly be the reason for low sperm count.…