Benefits of a Sex Friend

Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but your sex life seems not to be very satisfying? You ought to search for a sex friend. If that time comes that you find a sex friend that you are truly comfortable with, you will surely have a fulfilling sex life.

A sex friend is someone who is less than a lover and more than a casual hookup. There is no love involved between you and a sex friend as you are not committed to each other. You can have as many sexual bouts, but you can end it right there when you want it when you need to. A casual hookup is a sexual encounter that may happen only once.

Before you have a sex friend, you ought to have a plan sexe where you should know the terms and conditions before any agreement with your partner is finalized. Is it reasonable to have a sex friend? If you find the following benefits to be in your favor, then it must be right for you.

Available Whenever You Want It

Whether you want a quickie over the phone or hours of flirting through a video call, you can have it anytime and anywhere. You can also have an actual hookup. The difference between having sex with a sex friend is there is no time spent on wooing. With a girlfriend, she may say ‘yes’ by the time your urge has already subsided. A sex friend will always be there for you the moment you ask for it.

Compatibility Is Ensured

You may love your boyfriend or girlfriend so dearly, but you are not sexually compatible. But even then, you may not like to lose him or her because you love him or her. Having a sex friend can be a way to fulfill your sexual fantasies that your girlfriend cannot give you. You may turn her off if you insist.

Realization of Wildest Fantasies

What makes sex with a sex friend more gratifying is you may do it without any inhibition because you do not have to worry if it is okay with your partner. It can also be your training ground if you think you are not yet a master of giving pleasure to your partner. Discovering options that can provide maximum satisfaction to you can also be a reason.

Sex is something that should be two-ways. Either party should know how to give pleasure to his or her partner. With a sex friend, you are assured of this 100%.…